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Beautiful 36'x45x12 Charcoal and Red really makes a statement!

BIG Winter Savings!



*Limited Time Only







Economy Buildings - Economy Prices!

Basic, Durable, Functional!


 24’x 24’x 9’ $10,800    24’x 48’x 9’ $16,800  

 30’x 40’x 10’ $17,900   32’x 56’x12’ $25,400

 40’x 64’x 14’ $35,000   32'x 72’x16’ $32,700

 40’x 72’x 14’ $38,800   40'x 80’x16’ $44,000                   

Includes one 36" service door and one framed opening for your garage door. 

     We have your size and many more!     Order your today!  800-570-9656 

Building Worksheet

Our worksheet will help you configure the many options available and will help us provide you with an accurate quote! Submit your worksheet today.  We will contact you right away with your quote!  

No Gimmicks! Just Low Prices

Durable, premium framing lumber provides reliable structures to withstand any weather conditions.  Your building will be designed to comply with your local codes and snow load requirements.  Call us at 800-570-9656 – We're happy to help!

Five Regional Locations

We provide regional coverage through 5 offices. Contact Us!

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