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Building Details

  • Details 1Bi-Rite Economy Buildings are engineered post frame buildings, designed to provide you with an economical, yet durable and functional alternative to traditional stick built construction 

  • Details 2By utilizing engineered 8’, 9’, or 10’ post and truss spacing we can provide you with a building which meets local wind and snow load requirements at a very competitive price.

  • Support posts are .6 treated CCA - a higher rating than treated materials traditionally supplied by local lumberyards.

  • Details 4Treated anchor pads are attached to the bottom of each post to resist wind uplift and assist in anchoring your building to the ground.

  • Details 52” x 4” wall girts are placed on two foot centers and secured with 16d standard and 30d ring shank nails.

  • Trusses are engineered using the latest truss design software and factory assembled to meet or exceed International Building Code standards.

  • Details 7Roof purlins are 2” x 4” set on 16” or 24” centers and stood on edge to provide maximum roof strength. They are secured to the trusses using 60d ring shank nails.

  • Details 8End wall posts extend to the top chord of the truss stabilize the building and prevent “creeling” or “racking”.

  • Details 9Roof and wall metal is attached to the wooden structure of the building using grommeted, color matched screw fasteners.

  • Standard trim packages include ridge cap, rake trim, corner trim, j-channel around doors and windows, sliding door trim and track cover similar to our competitors. Our trim package includes a “rat guard” starter strip, bird guard under the rake trim, eave trim at the top of the walls, and sealer strips at the eaves and at the ridge cap. This is beneficial if heating the building and preventing pests and birds from entering the structure.

  • Details 11Our sliding doors have a lifetime guarantee on the sliding door track and include bottom rail guides to keep the door from scraping the wall metal as the door is opened. Cam latches on the inside of the sliding door opening secure the door when closed.

  • Details 12Service doors are insulated steel and are available with or without windows. Other door upgrades and options are available.